Flesh-Bones-Mind | audio post

It was a pleasure to give support to FLESH – BONES – MIND, a three part fashion art movie by Susi Hinz & Sophie Luise Feith!

After supporting the project as theatrical technician, I completed the audio post as dialogue editor and rerecording mixer. „Flesh Bones Mind“ was premiered on Friday, September 16th at St. Oberholz Ballhaus within the scope of Berlin Art Week 2016.

Feel free to read a Synopsis:

`Our eyes guide us like telescopes, as we try to understand the complexities of the mind. This can last longer than a return trip to the moon. Flesh Bones Mind takes the form of three letters, which structure the film as a triptych of thoughts, guiding you through different areas of the mind and its seeming desire for a sense of control. The first letter explores a vague dystopia, its inhabitants numbed into anonymous conformity. We see the unsettling feeling of complicity and the need to surrender the mind to totalitarian formulations. An echo of society. The second offers a comparatively emancipated mind space, in which expression is often discussed, but never outwardly realised. Its inhabitants remain hampered by various constraints, not able to achieve their full creative potential. The third letter explores the wonders of the subconscious. A state of mind where rationality holds no power, and which grants their inhabitants the enjoyment to express themselves free from any external restraint. Rather than attempt to define this vast philosophical space, Flesh Bones Mind is the embodiment of the multi-functionality for given truths and imagined futures as visualised by our own minds. Are we truly able to trust our dreams and subconscious where intuition and impulse reign?`

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